The Center for Food Systems and Community Transformation is offering a monthly fellow speaker series. Join us in September!

Dr. Marcus Comer & Dr. Leonard Githinji
College of Agriculture, Virginia State University

Agriculture in the Urban Landscape: Rooted in Sustainability and Resiliency

September 29, 2021 2-3 PM ET

Visit this link for details and registration:

By drawing upon the conceptual frameworks of sustainability and community resiliency, this month’s Fellow speakers will jointly share their research and extension programming in urban agriculture in Virginia. Marcus Comer, Associate Professor and Local Food Systems Specialist with the College of Agriculture at Virginia State University, and Leonard Githinji, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist of Sustainable & Urban Agriculture at Virginia State University, will together provide an overview of their programming in community and institutional gardening, urban farming, container gardening, indoor gardening, and the use of hydroponics and aquaponics systems. They will conclude with lessons learned to integrate cultural, social, and ecological principles and practices for healthy, just and sustainable urban landscapes.

Email with any questions or concerns.

Note: This presentation will be live captioned.


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