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Dr. Monica White posing for a photo with two graduate students
Dr. Monica White after being interviewed by Community Change Collaborative graduate student, Nicole Nunoo and Lara Nagle, the Community-Based Learning Projects Manager at the VT Institute for Policy and Governance. Photo Credit: Trustees Without Borders.

Below is a list of upcoming and recent events that are either directly or indirectly related to the work being done by the Center for Food Systems and Community Transformation. 

If you would like to share related events, please send an email including the event title; dates; a short summary; and any flyers, attachments, or hotlinks to Katie Trozzo.

Upcoming Events

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    Pandapas Pond Foraging Walk , article

    The Friends of the Indigenous Friendship Garden, the VT Center for Food Systems and Community Transformation, and VT Food Studies invite you to celebrate the return of our beautiful skunk cabbage and our beaver neighbors. We will discuss how beavers are models of community vision and transformation as well as stewards of clean water and environmental diversity. We will also forage gifts from the Land that support winter wellness in preparation for an upcoming community cooking demonstration.

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    Dr. Maria Elisa Christie presents Kitchenspace: Participatory approaches to food and gendered spaces of everyday life in Mexico, Uganda, and Ethiopia , article

    In this presentation, Dr. Christie will share how an approach she developed as a PhD student of geography to explore everyday life and nature/society relations in central Mexico has been useful in work with small-holder farmers in Uganda and Ethiopia. She draws on feminist political ecology as a framework, using ethnographic and participatory research methods including hand-drawn mapping, journaling, and a milk allocation game. Focusing on food and kitchenspace has served to explore issues as diverse as aflatoxins and food safety in Uganda and invasive weeds and integrated pest management in Ethiopia. In this presentation she will share her research from the three countries, including reflections on the process, and key findings that emerge such as cultural resistance and adaptation to climate change literally in women’s hands and the importance of food for building and maintaining community social networks.

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    Center Fellow Speaker Series Winter/Spring 2023 Lineup , article

    Details and registration links for our Winter/Spring 2023 Center Fellows Speaker Series

Recent Events

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    Mary Sketch Bryant presents The Power of Network Weaving: Catalyzing Impact from the Soil Up , article

    In this session, Director of the Virginia Soil Health Coalition, Mary Sketch Bryant, will discuss the role of formal and informal networks in fostering innovation and sparking progress. The presentation will highlight the past, present, and future work and aspirations of the Virginia Soil Health Coalition, a broad, collaborative network that improves and expands soil health across all of Virginia’s landscapes. You will learn about how diverse stakeholders are working together across the state to enhance soil health for environmental, economic, and community wellbeing. There will be ample time for questions and interactive discussion.

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    Roanoke Foodshed Network Virtual Learning Exchange Series , article

    Join us for the Fall Virtual Learning Exchange Series, featuring food systems leaders in the Roanoke Foodshed Network. The Roanoke Foodshed Network was formed as a way to build community and capacity between diverse partners working to address food systems change in the Roanoke region. The goals of this network are to collectively learn about and address the needs of sustainable farm development, local food distribution, and equitable food access. We aspire to develop a comprehensive approach to create a more resilient, socially just, and economically viable food system in the Roanoke region.

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