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Center Articles

We invite you to explore the articles below written by center team members and fellows that explore issues, responses, and concepts related to food systems work in the time of COVID-19. Click the images below to access the .pdfs of the articles. 

Struggle and Adaptation during the COVID-19 Food System Distruptions
Struggle and Adaptation During COVID-19 Food System Disruptions by Eric S. Bendfeldt and Kim L. Niewolny
Hope in the time of crisis
Hope in Times of Crisis by Kim Niewolny
Food Systems
The Significance of Local and Regional Food Systems for Community Resilience: If Not Now, Then When? by Eric Bendfeldt
Farm Stress and Grief
Farm Stress and Grief in the Time of COVID-19 by Garland Mason
Mutual Aid
Mutual Aid for Food Systems Change in the Time of COVID-19 by Katie Trozzo and Kim Niewolny


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