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Learning Circle Description

The Center for Food Systems and Community Transformation will host monthly learning circles as a space for conversation, peer-to-peer learning, and reflection around pressing issues related to the Center’s work. The monthly learning circles will provide an opportunity to engage with peers from across the university and connect with practitioners working in the field.

The Center’s core team will be responsible for organizing and facilitating monthly learning circles. Attendees will be recruited from across the campus and the broader community to encourage interdisciplinary dialogue and foster relationship building and collaboration toward the Center’s aims. These discussions will serve to build capacity for food systems and community change.

Discussion topics should give attention to the theory and practice of food systems and community transformation and could include theories of change, practices of subversion and resistance, historical and personal narratives, and case studies derived from the experience of attendees, guest speakers, or as published in the press, white papers, or scholarly literature. We may focus our discussions around a theme or idea, a brief presentation, or a publication, such as a recently published book, journal article, or news item. We encourage those interested to suggest topics for discussion, and if willing, take part in leading the discussion for the suggested topic.

Learning Circles will take place once a month and will last for approximately an hour. Stay tuned for more details. Attendees are welcome to bring food to snack on or to share with others. Interested individuals may come to all learning circles hosted by the Center, or may choose to attend as interest and availability allows.  If interested in joining these conversations, or learning more, please contact Garland Mason by emailing

Upcoming Learning Circles

See our events and speakers page for upcoming learning circles.

Recent Learning Circles