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The Center for Food Systems and Community Tranformation Listserv acts as a communication network for community members, pracitioners, researchers, students, and more who are focused on food systems and community transformation work. 

Key series on our listserv:

  • Every Friday, we share annotations of five articles related to our themes of food systems and community transformation that we find meaningful and important to share. For examples of the articles we have included in this series, visit our News Archive. We welcome our listserv members to suggest articles to be shared through the series.
  • We also share bi-monthly Center Updates that include our own programmatic updates and events as well as events, webinars, professional opportunities (calls for proposals from journals and conferences, grant and scholarship opportunities, etc.), and employment opportunities from our partners, colleagues, and friends. We welcome participants to share events, opportunities, and announcements to be included in these updates.

Examples of feedback from our listserv members:

  • "I appreciate your curated emails so much! Thank you for highlighting our humanity in this hard and joyful work we do."
  • "You put together exceptional newsletters! I enjoy reading the articles each time and appreciate your work."
  • "Thank you for the monthly newsletter - a great compilation of food system resources.  I also have been enjoying your weekly “Five articles worth reading” emails."

How to Subscribe

Send an email message to with the subject "Join Center Listserv" and ask that your email address be added to the Center Listserv.  You will receive a follow-up reply letting you know you have been added to the listserv.

How to Post to the Listserv

Once you have been added to the Center listserv, you may post by sending an email to 

How to Unsubscribe

You may unsubscribe from the listserv by scrolling to the bottom of any listserv message and hitting the "Unsubscribe" link. In addition, you can unsubscribe by signing into Google Groups, finding the listing for the Center for Food Systems and Community Transformation, and hitting the "Leave This Group" button.