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Dr. Monica White posing for a photo with two graduate students
Dr. Monica White after being interviewed by Community Change Collaborative graduate student, Nicole Nunoo and Lara Nagle, the Community-Based Learning Projects Manager at the VT Institute for Policy and Governance. Photo Credit: Trustees Without Borders.

Below is a list of upcoming and recent events that are either directly or indirectly related to the work being done by the Center for Food Systems and Community Transformation. 

If you would like to share related events, please send an email including the event title; dates; a short summary; and any flyers, attachments, or hotlinks to Katie Trozzo.

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  • Article Item
    Responsible Innovation for Climate-Smart Agriculture: Cases from the U.S. and South Asia , article

    Responsible innovation can be helpful in the realm of developing climate-smart farming tools. However, to achieve the benefits of these innovations for the public interest and for scaling up, it is imperative to cultivate trust among a range of actors and organizations across the food system value chain. This trust-building process necessitates the development of transparent pathways for converting raw data into actionable insights, a task that involves farmers, technology providers, and policymakers navigating complex and often competing policy landscapes. This presentation presents methods and ideas for co-designing innovative smart farming tools, including artificial intelligence-based decision support systems and sensor-driven performance-based incentives designed to govern the environment and promote sustainable farming practices.

  • Article Item
    Storytelling, Food Systems, and Networks: Reflections on Growing a Region , article

    Storytelling inspires many creative possibilities for collective learning and reflection. In this session, we'll be joined by Center Fellow, Maureen (Mo) McGonagle, with the Local Environmental Agriculture Project (LEAP), in collaboration with Justice Madden and Kim Niewolny to discuss the Roanoke Foodshed Network (RFN) and the public launch of "Stories of Community Food Work,” a participatory narrative inquiry and photo essay initiative uplifting stories from Roanoke region food system organizers, practitioners, art makers, farmers, and more. This form of community-based research offers an approach to understand how the ways we share knowledge shapes the food system we aim to create and sustain. From a regional food system and network perspective, we also explore how these stories provide a vision for building community capacity, cultural understanding, and organizational cohesion. Be part of this enriching conversation, as we celebrate the possibilities of individual narratives in building a more equitable and resilient food system in the Roanoke region.

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